TD Media Consulting Services:

--Talk Radio  --Talk Hosting  --Talk Interviews

--Broadcast Talents  ​--Voice Overs  ​--Jingles --Spots

​​--Media Relations  --Media Research   --Media Buying

--Syndication & Streaming  ​​​​--Blogging & Social Media​​  

--Marketing   ​​--Market Research   --Market Surveys

​​--Media Mentoring​​/Coaching  -- Media Teaching/Classes 

​​--Public Relations & Promotions  ​​​​​​--Advertising   --Copy Writing

--Wellness & Weight Loss Coaching  --Diet  & Nutritional Consults

​​​​--Motivational, Media, Political and Health Speaker/Teacher

​​--Freelance.. Fill-in​​ gigs & work are welcome​

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